Financial Updates
Boston-based investor seeking $65 million capital injection benefits from Silicon Associates relationship
Unable to obtain capital on their own, the group approached us for emergency funds. We obtained millions of dollars in loans to continue operations.
Acclaimed director and producer seek $1.5 million arranged by Silicon Associates for independent movie deal.
A Sundance-winning director, having directed films with Charlie Sheen and other entertainment greats, is seeking $1.5 million in 2010 to generate a solid movie franchise. SAI has secured commitments for $25 million to date. Returns are forecast to be 125% -- European pre-sales are secured.
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Is your business appropriate to work with Silicon Associates? Using a unique combination of relationships and expertise, whether your business seems to be flagging or it is experiencing healthy growth, $100,000 of equity or $250 million market capitalization, we can advise you accordingly. Our atypical method of combining IT enhancements and financial market solutions bolsters productivity for any business, solves problems, increases returns, no matter what size deal or market share is at hand.

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